Update 7/6/2021

Covid-19 continues to alter the way we do business.

As we emerge from the Covid 19 restrictions we still face many internal challenges that affect the way we are currently doing business. While mask are not required and tables are back in service Covid has altered the business in several other ways. We still do not have 100% of our dining room in use and this is in direct relation to the staffing issues seen across most industry, we continue to advertise and call candidates for interviews with limited success. Do to staffing and the increase on inside business and no real drop in carryout business we are not booking our party room and don’t foresee that changing anytime soon and we will only consider set menu at off peak times for large groups if we even do it then. We are also running into many product shortages and increased pricing and we are working everyday to ensure we can replace an item with a comparable item or we will temporarily suspend use of products. We are open Tues through Saturday from 7am – 8pm and Sunday 7am – 2pm closed on Monday’s but ask you check our facebook page for updates or call the restaurant to be sure there are no temporary changes to that with the staffing issue we are fighting (we have had to alter hours once due to lack of available staff. We continue to use our pay at the table tablets for those paying with credit card and have placed most condiments back on the table. We have a table in the front of the restaurant that menus are placed after use until cleaned for the next guest. We will continue to offer curbside service for those who either cant or are still not comfortable with dining in just yet. We will regular sanitize touch points through out the day and If we can not seat you quickly we will take your name and number or car description and ask that you wait outside until we notify you a table is ready so as to keep the entry way clear for others to be added to the waitlist. We appreciate all the support our customers have given us and we hope you will visit us soon for dine in or curbside.